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15 Insights on Prevention of Cancer


15 Insights on Prevention of Cancer


Health-Conscious Peeps!

Remember when I shared the photo speak from the Naturals In The City’16 event, I promised to share some lessons learnt on a subsequent post.

“Our body is the most precious gift from God. We do not value it until there is pain or disease.” – Mrs. Nwosu

I found the session with Mrs Nwosu, a former Matron at The Federal Medical Center, most interesting and enlightening. She stressed the importance of plants and natural herbs as against refined or processed food products and how these herbs helped in the healing process of some of her friends who battled with cancer. She also shared with us other healthy lifestyle choices that helps in the global fight against cancer.


And here are 15 Insights on Prevention of Cancer


Do not make confectioneries your staple food


According to Wikipedia, A staple food is a food that is eaten routinely and in such quantities that it constitutes a dominant portion of a standard diet for a given people, supplying a large fraction of energy needs and generally forming a significant proportion of the intake of other nutrients as well. Confectioneries on the other hand, consists of sweets foods and pastries, which normally should be taken sparingly or maybe as a quick snack to quench a hunger pang when a proper meal isn’t in view.


Damaged Grains, Nuts or Vegetables are a No! No

Aha! this was an eye opener for me really. A whole lot of us are guilty of cutting off the damaged portion of an apple or tomatoes (yes I am guilty as charged), then we go ahead to eat the rest of the fruit or mistakenly eat a bad nut alongside the good ones. We were made to understand that, as long as there is a bad or damaged spot on the fruit, nut or vegetable, such shouldn’t be consumed as the bacteria had already penetrated and this is damaging to the health. In this case, you have to always select only the good grains, nuts, vegetables and fruits and do away with the bad ones.


Patronize Nigerian Spices


How many of us knows about “Ehuru”, “Nchawu”, “Uda”, “Uziza” and to mention but a few? I am convinced that majority of us does not how blessed and endowed we are as a country when it comes to spices and herbs. I stumbled on Funke Koleosho’s Spice and herbs list on her blog and thought I should share so, we can see for ourselves.


Lemons & Limes as Anti-Cancer Agents


Lemons and Grapes are both excellent sources of Vitamin C, B6, Folate, Potassium, etc, great for a healthy heart. They also acts as a detoxify but women in their reproductive age should avoid the intake of Limes especially when trying to conceive as it is said to have anti-fertility properties. Women, are you aware of this?


Go to a renowned practitioner

Even for plants and herbs so as, not to consume anything that will damage your liver. Someone even asked during the session if taking “Agbo” – (herbs mixture) is healthy. Her response was yes but you need to go to where they produce a healthy version. Traditional Medical Board Office at Onikan, Lagos will provide a list of regulated practitioners that have good herbs.


Bitters acts as antibiotics

It’s no news that we do not like the sharp effects of bitters but ironically, they act as antibacterial, cleansing, detoxifying, germicidal, parasiticidal, stimulating, and tonifying and eats up the antibodies in our system. Dr Ijewere chipped in on how she uses unwashed bitter leaves in her soup and the positive effect on her family’s health. Read more


Plant vegetables and trees around your home


Planting trees or vegetables around our homes not only helps with family food supplies and nutrition, it also allows for air purification and helps increase oxygen level by absorbing carbon dioxide in the air. This is why it is a good home-making practice to inculcate greenery in the home. Read more.


Self-medication and drug abuse are the fastest killers.

This practice damages the kidney and exposes one to the risks of cancer. A renowned practitioner should be your first point of call at the slightest ill feeling. He or She knows the side effects of every drug and will prescribe what is most suitable for you. Over-the-counter medication is a No No!


Rest is very important

Need to review, refuel and recharge? Then it’s time to quit every activity and consciously make out time to rest and care for your body, it is the only place you have to live in. Do not wait till your body is fatigued or stressed, for a little sleep or leisure. Read More


Smile often


That smile could end wars and cure cancer” – John Green.

Often times, we underestimate the power of a smile but a genuine ear-to-ear smile could heal one from an illness as deadly as cancer. It comes from a positive or optimist outlook to life even in the face of a depleting health. Try smiling at your troubles, pains and difficulties, try smiling even at a stranger and watch how an awesome connection and conversation grows. Genuine smile promotes good health. Read more


Drink lots of water

The importance of water cannot be overemphasized as it makes up more than two thirds of human body weight and without water, we will die in a few days. Research suggests that drinking enough water every day, could reduce your risk of developing cancer of the large bowel, breast and prostrate. Water also helps flush toxins from the digestive tract, preventing their buildup and any resultant disease, most notably cancer of the colon. Read more


Don’t ever pick any growth on your body.

Be it pimple, acne, boil, etc. If you notice any growth or new change on your skin and you do not know what it is, visit a Doctor or the Cancer Center to be properly examined. Excessive exposure to the sun or heat and an extremely cold weather is the most common causes of skin cancer. Read more


Breast examination after mensuration



For the women folks, it is advisable to always examine your breasts after menstruation, to check for lumps and be able to determine when the detected lump is normal or abnormal and know when to report to a medical practitioner.


Always go for a comprehensive medical checkup

This is a sound medical practice and advisable for one to always go for a comprehensive medical checkup, quarterly or annually. This practice will offer one the chance to early detect any anomaly in the body and an opportunity to follow up with an appropriate treatment in the earliest.


Be close to God and pray always

An intimate relationship with God in addition to a healthy prayer life will save one from the deadly risks of cancer. God is our maker and the only source of life. Living a life, devoid of vices and unhealthy lifestyle will ultimately promote good health.


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Have you or do you know anyone who battled and survived cancer? What are some of the healthy lifestyle choices they embarked on that contributed to their healing? Kindly share in the comment space. Thank you.


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