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50 Is The New 30. Put It In The Make-up


50 Is The New 30. Put It In The Make-up

They say “50 is the new 30” a phrase common with ladies in their 50s or hitting 50. Wearing makeup at this age can be a little tasking but not complicated, why! because you want to stay fresh, glamorous, youthful and still look the age. So grab your cup of tea or glass of red wine as you read below “five useful tips on how to rock 50s“.

Hold on! I am not in my 50s, why do I have to read this? Someone just said that, but hey lady! you sure will find this useful for friends, big sisters, colleagues, aunties and even mum. Wearing the age 50 elegantly goes beyond wardrobe of clothes, it includes the right makeup application.


1. STAY AWAY FROM HARSH COLORS: This is the age to embrace nude and subtle colors, say goodbye to bright shouting colors like disco blue, white and green. Loud colors are for teens and young adults, they get away with this because that is-sort of the experimental age for fashion and nobody holds them guilty. Lets admit it, ladies in their 50s have had a fair share in experimenting fashion in the most loud ways and styles, let go! Don’t hold on to those years, hit the road Jane. You want to look mature and elegant, nude colors should be your bestie and they come in different lovely shades. I recommend purchasing a palette of nude colors, that way you get variety of colors to play with.


2.SHIMMER AND SHINE:  Any makeup product with shimmer and shine is a NO for obvious reasons, at 50 you are not clubbing every Friday or seeking attention from young boys at every opportunity you get, nor dating and dumping.  You are a mum, boss, aunt and a role model in fashion, stay in that lovely zone and enjoy fashion with classy, elegant mature makeup look. Send the glitters and shine to your daughters.


3.DEFINE BROW: Define and well groom eye-brow are trendy and all over social media. A well define-groom brow makes a difference to the appearance of your face. Groom your eye-brow within natural shape, do not go too high with the arch or shave off all natural brow hair to draw those harsh lines.  I recall shaving off all the brow hair was trending in the 80s, been there and done that, this is 2017, so get on with the program. Depending on the color of your eye-brow-dark brown, medium brown, and light brown colors are natural.  You have such colors in pencil, powder, gel and pomade.


4.CONCEALER AND CAMOUFLAGE: You need this as a baby needs its milk, aging is a beautiful thing that comes along with some interesting baggage. As women age, certain imperfections appear such as under-eye dark circles, eye-bags, green pushing veins and wrinkle skin. Do not get me wrong aging is a blessing, to be embrace with open arms. Concealer/camouflage are use to hide those sticking imperfections like the under-eye dark circles, black spots/heads, to fill-in hollows and so much more. I love this product!when you highlight the T-ZONE of the face with concealer, your face brightens up with a touch of youthfulness. Why go under the knife to risk getting botched from visit to plastic surgeons, all you need is the right makeup application, good diet and exercise. Its not a rocket science to apply.


5.BLUSH, EYELINER AND MASCARA:  Less for more! you get more beautiful natural look when make-up is applied less, this goes for all age bracket. Most women are so scared of cheek blush, I would, because most faces we see with blushes are applied so mega wrong. Ladies in their 50s need beautiful colors added to their cheeks, it adds glow, happiness and youthfulness. Apply small amount to the apple of your cheeks, by smiling or making a fish face, you get to see the apple of your cheeks or roundness then, swipe outward to the back of your ears with light strokes. Black eyeliners make your eyes alive and pronounce, so you want to use it always. Draw a fine line as close to the lash line as possible using black eye pencil, gel liner or liquid liner. Wake-up your eye lashes with black mascara, be sure to use good make-up products.


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Vera Sharon Ohioma is a Travelpreneur & Professional Make-up Artist. She is the Founder, TravellerAfrica & ColorsandPalettes. TravellerAfrica is a community that promotes travel in & out of Africa with the right information and experience at the best price. ColorsandPalettes offers professional make-up services and training for the everyday woman. She writes and consults on travel, hospitality and beauty care. She loves cheese and red wine. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram @travellerafrica & @colorsandpalettes.

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