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Creative Ways To Re-Purpose Your Sofa

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Creative Ways To Re-Purpose Your Sofa

Hello Homeowners,

It’s weekend again! I just love weekends. The fact that i don’t have to be in a hurry to get out of bed, get to declutter and organize my home, cook my favorite meals, write a blog post, snuggle and catch up on movies, i mean the fact that i have to just do ME (not sure if this is a correct grammar but you sure get me) Who shares this feeling with me?

A friend of mine buzzed me over the weekend that she’s tired of her sofa and wants to toss it for a new one but hubby isn’t OK with the decision as it involves a lot of money and yes! it can be hard to justify a new sofa purchase. She then went in search of plan B, only to find out she couldn’t get any tip from my blog (what a shame!). I shared some ideas with her and we agreed on what to do within a reasonable budget. She is trying to convince hubby or go ahead to execute the project with her money if he bounces it still.

I remember trying to sell off this sofa of mine. I wanted a bigger and more colorful sofa, suitable for relaxation and snuggling in days i wouldn’t want to be in bed. I shared it on my Facebook page at some point but later deleted it because I changed my mind after some sprucing up. OK, it will be unfair of me not to share some of those tips with you here. READ ON…..



Furniture is like wine, the older the better. Reupholsters can take a very traditional sofa and turn it into a very modern/contemporary sofa by redoing the foam, lining and fabric. First, you get to save yourself a ton of money and second, you have the opportunity to customize your sofa. When you customize your sofa, it’s such an amazing experience and you tend to treasure it in a different way because of your own effort of choosing the new style and/or fabrics. In re-upholstering, fabric drives the cost since you are not making away with the wood skeleton. A typical sofa may require about 10-15 yards of fabric to achieve this.





If your sofa is not totally destroyed but just needs a good spruce up. You can always reinvent with new throws and pillows. Play around with different patterns, textures and sizes of pillows or go with a stronger infusion of colour by picking a particular hue. Slipcovers are another good option to give your sofa a new look but i am not sure how this works in this part of the world.  They come in very great textiles and beautiful colors, or can even be custom made. I feel in love with my sofa all over after i spruced it up with a few new pillows.



source: google

Update Hardware

Aside adding a few new pillows to my sofa, I had to also change the leg of my sofa. I swapped the iron legs with wooden legs same as the red wing chair legs. There was nothing really wrong with the iron legs except that it added to the boring feeling i had with the sofa so i guessed a change of style will give it a new fascinating look and it worked perfectly. This rule works for any other furniture (cabinet or drawer legs, door knobs or handles, etc) and can transform your traditional or vintage furniture into a modern vibe.




Switch Use or Re-arrange

Since your sofa no longer serves it’s purpose in the living room, you may consider finding a better use of it elsewhere. Maybe it can be used in the guest room, porch/balcony, basement, or garage. Another very potent tip is to re-arrange your living room space and furniture placement, it gives the impression of newness. This worked perfectly for us as kids then, whenever my mum wants to give the living room a face-lift, re-arranging the position of the sofas was one of them plus a few new items here and there like those white lace sofa covers (who remembers them?)




Use it or Lose It

When you are done with the above tips and you still feel that tossing your sofa for a new one is your best bet, then you can sell to a willing buyer at a cheaper price, give to a friend or family in need of a sofa or donate it to a charity organization who do not have a preference to what it looks like as long as it’s clean and in decent condition.


Is Your sofa due for a change or a spruce up? How useful are these tips? Share more re-purposing tips with me below!

Nkem Offonabo is a Banker, Entrepreneur, Humanitarian and Lead Editor, Crown Musings. She is passionate about Decor, Personal Development and Wealth Creation. She believes that every individual is unique and has potential for greatness if properly nurtured. She hopes to use her blog community to Inspire, Motivate, Empower, Transform and ultimately help people be the best version of themselves.

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