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Here’s my Thanksgiving List!


Here’s my Thanksgiving List!

As the year goes by, I can’t but look in retrospect to all that God has blessed me with and hope for better years ahead. So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, here are top 10 things i am so thankful for:

1. My good Lord and my faith….What would i have been without HIM
2. My wonderful husband….I call him my adopted overgrown male child
3. My family….An amazing gift from God….I love them so much and can’t ask for any better
4. My job….A great place to work!
5. My home…There’s nothing like the peace it brings
6. My kids…The one i lost is a promise that many are on their way
7. My business…..I can only see the big picture and my big God
8. My blogging world….My blog is 2 months plus and i am thankful for my wonderful readers
9. My health…..I have been in and out of the hospital but God has kept me strong
10. My friends…I don’t have many but i am blessed with a few

Its your turn! What are you thankful for?

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