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My Bucket List: Dubai Day 1


My Bucket List: Dubai Day 1


And so I stepped out of Lagos, Nigeria for 2 weeks of studies + vacation in Dubai, United Arab Emirate (UAE) on Friday, July 1st. I mentioned it in one of my travel profile posts here, when i talked about 8 Tips for a Successful Vacation + My Bucket List.

I used to think My Gambian Vacation was the shortest so far. Even though i said i’m spending 2 weeks in Dubai, its actually 3 days of vacation and 6 days of studies/lectures, starting from tomorrow, Sunday July 3rd till Friday, July 8th. Sadly, i’m back to Lagos on Wednesday, July 13th. I will try my very best to enjoy the few days and capture exciting moments although not having a professional camera is dulling this game .

I managed to capture a few pictures with my Samsung Galaxy J5. Bear with me, i am working on taking this vision and making it a global brand.

20160701_134322_resized [268005]

20160701_134530_resized [267705] 20160701_161113_resized [268019] 20160701_162528_resized [268061] 20160702_194833_resized [268145] 20160702_194920_resized [268159]

After dinner, just taking a stroll down the hallway of Jood Palace Hotel, Dubai, where The Host School lodged us, i captured a few pictures also. I will come back for a full review of that handled my flight and tour booking + The Hotel Stay (Stay Tuned)

20160702_201851_resized [268173] 20160702_201958_resized [268385] 20160702_202938_resized [268441]

It’s 02:03am as i write. The 3hour time difference has affected my sleep pattern. I need to go catch some sleep against my 8.30am class.

Enjoy your evening!!!

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