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Sunday Style Post: Kimono x LBD

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Sunday Style Post: Kimono x LBD


Happy Sunday Y’all…

What do you do when  someone says to you “Hey you can’t do this. You don’t have what it takes”?

As kids, we had dreams and fantasies of what we wanted to become or accomplish but somehow, along the line, the society, our parents, peers and even our teachers killed those dreams. I remember as a kid, I loved drawing, I admired my elder brother’s artistic skills and but somehow that zeal or passion wasn’t nurtured, it was opposed by my Father who wanted me to become a Lawyer by all means but no, that wasn’t what I wanted. I also had a childhood fantasy of being a Nurse. I wanted to understand people, communicate better with them and be of service to others. Little wonder, I ended up studying Psychology. It wasn’t until I came to the understanding of whom I am and my purpose in life that I was able to align these dreams and fantasies.

Just like the crowd in today’s gospel reading, Luke 19: 1 – 10. Don’t let your inner geek down and do not allow anyone tell you what you cannot do or whom you shouldn’t become. Break through every opposition to become what you want to be. What you enjoy doing the most is a clue of what God wants you to do in your life. Start today to build your confidence around those assignment and aspirations.

Sunday Outfit Details:

Kimono – Twist ‘N’ Scout Collection

Handbag – Twist ‘N’ Scout Collection

Little Black Dress (LBD) – Georgie Belle

Leopard Skin Sandals – Georgie Belle

img_3003 img_3005 img_3008 img_3013 img_3020 img_3021 img_3024 img_3033 img_3036 img_3038 img_3042 img_3044 img_3046 img_3059 img_3060 img_3061 img_3063 img_3065 img_3068 img_3075


PS: I will be having my first “Share Your Preneur Story” interview on Saturday with a Nigerian Brand in the Fashion and Lifestyle Industry and I am wondering what to wear. I am done wondering about my nervousness, I really cannot be bothered, I am only excited that I will finally be doing what I love to do. There is always a first time isn’t’? And I can only get better.

So, kindly share with me, what outfit you think will be most appropriate.


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Nkem Offonabo is a Banker, Entrepreneur, Humanitarian and Lead Editor, Crown Musings. She is passionate about Decor, Personal Development and Wealth Creation. She believes that every individual is unique and has potential for greatness if properly nurtured. She hopes to use her blog community to Inspire, Motivate, Empower, Transform and ultimately help people be the best version of themselves.



  1. temitope

    October 30, 2016 at 11:26 am

    nice attire. so are you a psychologist fashion entrepreneur? or simple a fashionista?

    • Kem Crown

      October 31, 2016 at 8:44 am

      Hi Temitope,

      They are all encompassing. You can look up my profile on the blog.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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