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What do Interior Decorators do?


What do Interior Decorators do?

Are you curious about what interior decorators do? Ever wondered how they come up with fresh ideas?

Basically decorators work with furniture, “soft” furnishings like fabrics and rugs, accessories and colors to pull together a room or an entire house. Your decorator may go shopping, transport and install furniture and accessories, choose paint colors and fabrics, create a new furniture layout, or even get in there and move furniture.  

All decorating jobs begin with a conversation between you and your decorator. This is when you can discuss style and color preferences, budget and the scope of your project. You might hire an interior decorator just to get ideas so you can then implement yourself (DIY) or work with a decorator to complete a project from start to finish. The choice is yours! 
1. Communication is key. If you were under the impression that hiring a decorator would be the last decorating decision you need to make, think again. While a decorator is there to facilitate the process, it is still your home, and your input is invaluable. The best designs come from open communication about likes, dislikes and full understanding of a client’s needs. Pictures and examples are even better! 

2. It’s much more than choosing furniture and fabrics. Your home should reflect who you are, beyond your taste in throw pillows — your hobbies, passions, direction in life and more. A good decorator should be able to pull out these details and work them into their final vision for your home.
A home decorator is meant to be a part-time therapist! Beyond all of the pretty aesthetic details, is getting to know your client. This also really helps when considering the direction of the project, when you know more personal details.

3. Your budget will be respected. One of the biggest misconceptions about decorators is that by hiring one you are kissing your budget goodbye, Lol. That couldn’t be farther from the truth but i will advise that you’d be honest and realistic about finances from the get-go with your decorator for the best results. However, it’s not advisable to work with a budget that is too small or unrealistic bearing in mind things like labor, transport, delivery fees, etc. Our goal is for everyone to be happy at the end. Curious about how decorators charge? That would be discussion for another post.

4. Behind-the-scenes work. Being a decorator sounds like a fun job right?
A decorologist has this to say: “It ain’t all glam! You have heard it all before, but I will say it again: While there are many fun elements such as looking for textiles, styling and shopping, the down side is the schlepping, driving from one place to another tirelessly, and of course billing. That is often the nature of the beast. I think after you have completed a really good job and you are able to see a tangible result, it is totally worth it.”

5. It’s physical work. Beyond shopping, styling, running errands, and driving, most decorators do a lot of heavy lifting. A typical day could see your decorator hauling furniture, painting, hammering and tackling other chores more often associated with construction workers. 

6. Keeping the whole picture in mind. Part of the reason you may want to hire a decorator is for his or her ability to see how each decorating decision, no matter how small, effects everything else. 

7. Where do decorators find inspiration and new ideas? Everywhere! Unlike some professions where you can hit the “off” switch as soon as you leave work, decorators are spying everywhere, marrying ideas in their head hoping for an opportunity to bring them to life in a client’s home! 

8. Bring your style to the table — and then trust us to run with it. Decorators welcome strong points of view, so if you know what you love, don’t be afraid to say what you think. But if you’ve hired a decorator, remember that you did it for a reason — so once you know they are in touch with your style, let them have the creative freedom to do something amazing with it. 

9. Creative work is time consuming. For those not in a creative field, it may be hard to understand, but coming up with an original, creative design is an incredibly time-consuming and sometimes unpredictable process. Ultimately, the feeling that someone appreciates the value of your knowledge and creative direction truly makes all of the difference. 

10. Work hours that don’t make it onto the pay cheque. From doing research and keeping up with new trends to learning new colors and products to updating social media #blogging , a lot goes into running a decorating business that can never be paid for. For starters, there’s the marketing and generating business aspect, when YOU are the one that has to bring business in. If you compare all what we have to do to keep the engine running and the clients coming in to creating a meaningful home, you might begin to see things differently about hiring a home decorator……

Would you rather give HomeWorth Interiors a chance?

Post and Picture source: Houzz 

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    June 26, 2015 at 9:05 pm

    Great insight for those of us that admire the field and is thinking of getting involved.

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    July 2, 2015 at 5:47 pm

    Welcome on board Ugo…. The sky is too big for us to achieve and be what we dream to be

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